Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Unexpected Guest


  1. It looks like Autumn.
    If this place had private notes, I could suggest we start a campaign to supplant sheep with mourning doves as the symbol of flocks of religious believers.
    If done convincingly enough, eventually there might be congregational splits over the issue--are we sheep or are we pigeons? Or maybe the differences would fall along existing tectonic fault-lines about whether women and gays can be annointed or appointed as ministers.

  2. Great picture! what type of bird is that?
    (I hope it's not one I should have known already!)

  3. Dear Margot: It's a type of hawk. Not sure whether it's a sharp-shinned hawk or a Cooper's hawk, though. The beast refused to identify himself despite repeated requests that he do so!

  4. This is one of the best pictures of a standing hawk I've ever seen! Kudos! I like the background color, too. Just fyi: It looks to me like a Cooper's Hawk, based on several identifying characteristics, not that I'm any expert. Here's a page that I thought useful: