Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Change You Can Believe In

5:00:54 PM - Dec 19, 2010

5:27:52 PM - Jan 23, 2011


  1. Progress. It's the opposite of Congress.
    If only the sun was up now. 7:30am shouldn't be "Oh Dark Thirty". I hate going to work in the dark. And speaking of Congress, I hate the way I get teased with more and more daylight every morning the morning at the end of winter until one grey day it happens in Spring--Congrefs steals my morning daylight and gives it to golfers. Talk about corporate socialism.
    I'll stop now.
    Oh. I have to append the most pertinent captcha ever: We'reAmok. Punctualization and capitalization added by Deve in case you're as sleepy as I feel right now.

  2. "Punctualization" Haha. Morning typo. I typed that by accident, but now I'm trying to figure out how to use it in a sentence.
    "Ian was chronically late for work until he underwent electroshock punctualization therapy."

    In other morning typos, I also wish I could take back the stuttering "the morning" after "morning". In this case there doesn't have to be a morning after. Sing it Maureen.

    On the other hand, the captcha is "impunka" and that's not a typo.

  3. These are particularly beautiful, with that deep apricot sky! The sky around here at sunset is a rosier hue, and often tinctured with indigo clouds. So, according to your time frames, a month of sunsets advances by a bit less than half an hour? So, by the summer solstice, the sunset will be around 8-ish? Can that be right? Out here, solstice sunset is MUCH later than that... 9:11 pm, which I just looked up!

  4. Sines sines everywhere there's sines.

    Ack ack ack. The captcha is "symnoide". That sounds like a good name for the daily sunset delay function.