Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Troubled Skies

5:47:26 PM - March 7, 2011

5:54:28 PM - March 7, 2011

6:07:24 PM - March 7, 2011

6:14:42 PM - March 7, 2011

The sunsets have been showing up later and later lately - when they've bothered to show up at all.

It's almost as if they know that the Republicans are plotting to take away their health care and pensions, too....


  1. Does that mean the sunrises are Republicans? Or are they just trying to suck up? Because they have been showing up earlier every day.

  2. ACK!!! No No NO! I will NOT allow the sun to be given to the Repossessicans! Sure, they like to claim control of everything in the universe, but although I've seen polls that make me think many of them think the sun revolves around the earth, they can NOT have it. That's my foot-stampin' 2¢! ;-)