Friday, October 7, 2011

Introducing Amos Jacob!

Or maybe Amos Jacobs.

Anyway, most people knew him much better as Danny Thomas.

But it was as Amos that he first made a splash as a freshman at Toledo's Woodward High School.

Here's how the 1928 yearbook summed things up:

The same yearbook reports that Amos delivered a fine performance on the stage of my own district high school at least once:

Just more proof that if you're not careful, you'll learn something new almost every day.

Or something 83 years old, anyway.

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  1. They did a fine job of Photoshopping that middle boy, considering they didn't have Photoshop to edit the yearbook with.
    I wanted to say that a person could learn from this that spelling has gotten a lot more uniform through the years, but then I remembered Twitter and cellphone txt-speak.

    Oh, and speaking of Marlo Thomas,
    I found this on the way to looking up the That Girl theme: