Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Postcard Of The Week (Southwestern Splendor!)

I'm told that this was Phoenix's first shopping mall. Built in 1957, it seems to have done ok until the late 1980s.

This postcard was mailed in 1963. When Glen Campbell was singing "By The Time I Get To Phoenix" a few years later, I wonder if this was what he was picturing in his mind.

Cars have changed a lot since then but the clouds have remained the same. How different might they be now if General Motors had been the world's number one maker of clouds? How similar might today's cars be to those of 50 years ago if Mother Nature had been put in charge of those?

Too bad we can't replay history with a few tweaks and find out, eh?

(To learn more about Park Central, go here and here. Or move to Phoenix and tell me what you find.)

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  1. Are you sure clouds haven't changed much since 1963?
    I've read that pictures of the sky during the jet-less days after 9/11/2001 showed a very different cloudscape than the week before or the week after the week after.
    I know when I went to WISFROOD and laid on the beach watching the sky I saw many clouds emerge as contiuous exhaust streams from jets outbound from Miami International Airport, MIA, over the Atlantic, only to turn into separate puffs of white indistinguishable from the other puffs at that level over the beach. I took this to mean all of the low-level clouds drifting by that day were jet exhaust.