Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Clitoris & The Roadies

And of course by that I really meant The Clematis and The Rhododendrons.

Hope you're not as disappointed as I am....

Actually, I'm not disappointed at all. It's been a good year so far for the flowers here and my clematis and rhododendrons are certainly doing their part to keep 2012 beautiful.

I am, too, just by shaving every day.

Now if I could just acquire some photosynthesizing skills, life would be just about perfect....


  1. People accused me of being a sensationalist attention-seeker when I titled a recent entry, "Explicit Sex Pictures: Not for the feint of art."
    Nobody said they were disappointed, tho.

    The captcha seems to be "Party! imeen"
    I hope I'm not disappointed.

  2. Nope. The captcha was Partyl imeen .
    I never saw one with a capital letter before. Or maybe I have but that's why I coudln't type them right.

    I'm here to ask about this quote from a New Hampshire who apparently is being mentioned by Team Romney as VP material:
    The junior senator said that while it’s an “honor” to be mentioned as a potential vice presidential pick of Mitt Romney, her focus is on serving New Hampshire in the Senate.
    “There’s so many good candidates out there that Governor Romney has to choose from,” Ayotte said. “Senator Rubio, Senator Portman in Ohio. So he’s got a lot of great choices.”
    So who is this Senator Portman from Ohio? I could ask Google, but I imagine your answer will be more acerbic and entertaining.
    I noticed last week a Fox "News" headline fronted on Google News touting Condi Rice as the Obama-defeating VP candy date.

  3. In the same vein as my previous question, I came across a book today about the "English Reformation" and I realized that was a Proddy term.
    Do you know what the Catholics called it?
    Does the Encyclopedia Catholica have an article about it?
    And the German-Scandinavian prelude?
    I could lookit up, but it's so much faster and more fun when you do it.

  4. Ah, the clitter clatter of wanton petals pushing their scent into your face.... lascivious lavender and erotic orchid.... I'd like to complain about your lack of posting, but I am not one to talk...

  5. After almost a week of looking at that last clitter clatter I have to say Chris most definitely is one to talk.

    ... Speaking of speaking, the captcha is "themstra pattar".
    It's like that old gum jingle, "Clitter clatter and yackity yack. When you talk to the captchas they talk back."

  6. Happy Oriole Day.

    captcha--"ADines Resources;"

  7. Did you see this?
    The people who didn't want Obama to be president because he's a Muslim are planning hundreds of "Stand Up for Religious Freedom" rallies June 8 to protect their freedom to enforce compliance with their religious practices on people they do business with.

    I thought the captcha was nowyear 13, but now it seems to be 20 panytAll.

  8. You don't have to live like a refugee.
    Did you have any SUfRF rallies in your fair city?

    I had to recycle the first three captchas because they were too unreadable. Sometimes I can't tell one or two letters but these were completely awful.

    If you can read this, the captcha I finally could read was erefRep 9

  9. America needs you, Harry Truman.
    Harry won't you please come home?

  10. Lately OD has been more reliable than Blogsnot.
    I'm just saying.

    Praise Allah for the First Amendment.

  12. At last, a funny BC from the new guy:

    tourrog 50

  13. Everybody's had to fight to be free. You see you don't have to live like a refugee.

    Bidding starts at $3,000,000 for this letter from Einstein calling God a symbol of human weakness and Bible stories childish.

    oops I thought the captchit was itaevis 16 but it bounced me.

    I thought you might like to buy it so you could burn it. It's written in German, the Satanic language of the Nazis and the Visigoths.

    Now it looks like 37 ianrfvi but the "f" could be anything.

    I guess it wasn't an f. Now it looks like cHyden 3 or 3' I think they must be trying to kill off comments.

  14. This reminded me of you, too.

    Does this site make authors use the captcha to sign in? That might esplain it to me why you don't write here so much lately.

    captchup is "urgrang 114" --maybe

  15. You might be glad to know someone at The Atlantic is still covering your old beat.

  16. What most people don't realize is that their Captcha answers serve two purposes—and here we get to task unification. In addition to proving to websites that they are not machines, the users of Captcha are deciphering difficult-to-read words from printed texts. The system's inventor, a Carnegie Mellon computer scientist named Luis von Ahn, realized that by feeding into Captcha words that computer scanners can't read—especially the old fonts often found in older publications—users could help in the massive task of transforming printed content into digital form. Ordinary web surfers are helping to transcribe the equivalent of nearly 150,000 books a year.

    ---===000===--- ---===000===--- ---===000===---
    ---===000===--- ---===000===--- ---===000===---

    Deve again. Should I believe this? for this to work they'd have to put in captchas with no known answer, irritating the heck out of users.
    By the way, the captcha is south thpgate, unless they are playing with my mind.

  17. Hmmm.
    I Googled "south thpgate" and it came up in some scanned documents. Maybe I should believe it.
    This is from the Atlamtic Constitution, 1906
    "South 205 T. 93. in which it is held that tlie power of the states to con- trol ami ... proportion would thp gate and profits of the racing associations be Activity of The ..."
    And a google book version of the Saturday magazine:
    "The Campanello, which stands at a few feet distance from the south-west corner ... by Michael Angelo, thp Gate of Paradise ; it faces the cathedral, and exhibits, ..."
    So maybe somebody took all the OCR nonsense they couldn't find in dictionaries and seeded it into Captchas. I still think it's diabolical, even tho I don't believe in the Devil.
    This time the captcha is GROUND errised, maybe. In Hairy Potter they liked to spell desire backwards. Hmmm.

    This reminded me of you.

  19. Dude, Your Open Diary is working right alluvasudden. I can search your entries AND FIND THEM without error messages and the Diary Notes link works, too.
    -Deve (still a human)

  20. A stinky Limburger bishop was removed for the human sin of being corrupted by power:
    Excerp: "(Reuters) - The Vatican removed a German bishop on Wednesday because he spent 31 million euros ($43 million) of Church funds on an extravagant residence when Pope Francis was preaching austerity.
    It said the atmosphere in the diocese of Limburg had become such that Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst could no longer carry out a "fruitful exercise" of his ministry there."
    In other news on the same page, Gwyneth Paltrow is single again. Maybe she'd be interested in hooking up with an enlightening atheist for a while.
    Deve is Dead. Long live Deve.

  21. This postcard collection reminded me of you.
    Deve McJungle