Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Eggs and I

Among the many things I inherited after my in-laws passed away last year was the wren house that they used to hang in the dogwood tree outside their kitchen window.

I found it when I was going through my shed recently and decided that the time had come to pitch it.

First, though, curiosity prompted me to open it up.

Although it hadn't been built to be opened (a definite design flaw, IMHO), the rotted roof soon yielded to my crowbar and dynamite.

Here's what I found:

Although two of the eggs had obvious damage and the others were at least two years old, I've decided to gently sit on them in hopes of helping them hatch.

Who knows? Maybe they'll turn out to be pterodactyls!


  1. Are you sitting on the eggs to avoid protestors from the Ohio Right To Life picketing your house?
    You don't have to do it alone. Some cuckoo would probably volunteer to sit on them for you.

  2. So, pterodactyl eggs discovered in Ohio bird house, eh? Awk, awk, awk(ward)! Have you contacted Scientific American, or is National Geographic a better choice? Or perhaps Cracked?

    Meanwhile remind me never to have you try to open any of MY stuck jars!