Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Groundhog Day!

Apparently the groundhogs in Ohio wait to come out and celebrate their holiday until the weather's nice.

Here are a few photos of two that I spotted in my yard today:

Smart animals, those groundhogs. I think I would have waited until today to pop out into 2011 if I could have.

Do you suppose they would have waited even longer to come out if they didn't know there would be little bottles of liquor like the big guy in the second shot is guzzling?

(Honestly, I don't know what that might be by his/her mouth, but it certainly looks suspicious, doesn't it? I wonder if it's enough to get a search warrant for his/her burrow....)


  1. You're lucky you don't live in Pennsylvania. They take it very seriously in the Keystone State when residents contribute to the delinquency of Punxatawney Phil's relatives.
    Do you know what they called groundhogs in colonial times? I don't, but I am puzzled to learn Ben Franklin didn't mention them in Poor Richard's Almanac.
    I'm also puzzled to learn the Keystone State is a commonwealth. Why don't they call Pennsylvania the Keystone Commonwealth?
    I'm going to stop Googling now. It's raising more quesitons than it answers.

  2. Alcohol bottles, pish tush! Really, don't you recognize a coach's whistle when you see one? (I mean, they ARE called whistle pigs, I have it on the GREATEST authority. ;-) The big one is obviously training the young whistle pig to... well, run or raid a garden or dig tunnels the fastest, or *something* competitive. LOVE these photos, too! :-) OH#!! The captcha is FURATE, I keed u knot!