Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Combat Les Taches!

Well, maybe.

But "Padding Les Walleto!" is the way I read it....

Do endorsements like this really motivate people to buy a product?

I personally didn't even notice this one until I got home.

Now I can't wait to go back to the store to find out what brand of tampons Chuck approves of.


  1. Dirt wouldn't dare stick to Chuck Norris's clothes. So what would he know about laundry detergent?
    On the other hand, I'm thinking a product named after the Equal Rights Amendment needs marketing boost in exactly the places Chuck is most popular.

    The automated Turing test is pealies.

  2. Hahaha especially to the last line! Now, admittedly, the only time I've ever seen old Chuckie-Poo is on late night infomercials, sweating up a storm in demonstrating his muscular prowess on an exercise machine to a similarly in-shape Christie Brinkley. (Not that I was actually watching, but I'd be doing late-night laundry, and had no time to hunt for the remote to turn it off.) So, my theory is that all those other night-owl laundritarians may associate the sweaty Chuck with their own laundering fantasies, yes? *Cough*

    So, to THEM, it makes perfect sense for him to be on laundry detergent. Just like it makes sense for Herman Cain to endorse Fresh Step Kitty Litter.