Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Beacon

You can learn much more about this historic Ohio structure by going here, here, and here.

(If you'd rather learn more about cats, go here.)


  1. Or you could learn more about places outside Ohio by going here:

    The CAPTCHA was chansly.
    I think it's very conceited of the CAPTCHA people that they say the T stands for Turing Test.

  2. Nevermind the lighthouse, what intrigues me is the particular form of the handwriting. No one seems to write with that flair, that graceful slant, anymore. It's hard to tell that it must've been written using a fountain pen (it looks like pencil), but I can't imagine that the even variations in width would come from anything other than a different pen.

    I learned all I need to know about katz from Zoreo. (And a few before him.....)

  3. I'm sorry you aren't enjoying writing here. I miss your quirky, rational presence.
    Did you see this story about three dead in Ohio?
    The Craig's List boy told his father God will spare him a life in prison sentence.
    "I know there is no way in hell that any kind of God would do that to me."
    God might not, but an Ohio judge might. I wonder if the kid thinks God killed the murder victims in the case.
    Also, it's weird if the kid believes in hell (and Eternal sentences) but not life sentences.

  4. Here checkit out:
    A book of Johnny Hart's BC comics with religious overtones from after he became a Christian in 1984.
    It makes me wonder why he didn't rename the strip A.D.
    The captcha is upboakir. Makes me want to tell it up ur own boakir.

  5. Bonobo sited in Deve's Diary.

    Captcha is Refrocks. Get your priests rehabilitated at Refrocks. All girl staff assures there'll be no hankie pankie.