Friday, December 16, 2011

Quick - Now's The Time To Go!

Cedar Point Midway - July 13, 2011

Cedar Point Midway - Dec 16, 2011


  1. Do park visitors pay for the privilege of having free rein with no bustling crowds to impede their fun or is there a "manual" discount admission, due to non-operating rides in December? (e.g. Visitors walk up the roller coaster tracks, pose with hands in the air, sit in a leaning position in whirling rides, etc.) The latter would certainly be positive innovation for the financially strapped population that still require entertainment!

  2. Izzit open? The whole benefit of being on Cedar Point is the wind is always blowing off the lake, isn't it? That's gonna be some cold wind in December.

    Oh by the way, did juicy this?
    "I was heartened to learn recently that atheists are no longer the most reviled group in the United States: according to the political scientists Robert Putnam and David Campbell, we’ve been overtaken by the Tea Party. But even as I was high-fiving my fellow apostates (“We’re number two! We’re number two!”)"