Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Good Year For The Lilac Bush

Not that you'd know it now.

Now it just looks like one more big green bush - I'm sure you know the type.

But here's what it looked like a couple weeks ago:

It towers over my head now but of course that wasn't the case when I first planted it 9 years ago.

Back then, it barely came up to my waist:

Ah, they grow up so fast.

Thank goodness I don't have to think about sending it to college. I don't think I could stand suddenly being separated from it after all the time we've been together.

I *know* I couldn't stand the constant long distance calls for more water and fertilizer....


  1. It looks like you gave it some nice dirt to eat.

    They really like sunshine, too. That's the best thing you can give them. Around here they grow in beach sand if they have enough sunshine.

  2. With the cost of tuition out of sight, AND pocket, you might want to consider a local apprenticeship, instead. Anyway, I'm sure glad there was ONE *good* bush thriving during the last decade...