Friday, May 20, 2011

Out Of Town Visitors

I think the same couple stopped by two and three years ago - but not last year. (I didn't see a single duck in the yard last year - probably because of the two German Shepherds to my north. Both dogs have now moved away.)

They seemed to know their way around my yard awfully well to be newcomers.

I wonder where they spent 2010.

Maybe somewhere far, far away from Ohio's nasty gubernatorial campaign?

Hmmmm.... If they were really my friends, they would have taken me with them.

*Wondering how much cracked corn I might have to give them before they'll agree to whisk me far, far away from the nasty campaigns of 2012*


  1. The sad part of these ugly elections is the continual proof that stupidity sells.

    Your campaign theme song could be, "Gimme cracked corn and I won't care."

  2. Maybe your back yard is a destination for global swarming?

    (Can you sneak up on 'em and snap on fashion leg bands, so you can be sure who's snacking on your lawn?)

  3. Are there just six bags of dirt in that pile or are more lurking outside the picture frame?

    Will there be pictures of the finished project?

    Will there be lower back pain before it's much underweigh?