Sunday, April 3, 2011

Four Moments In Time

5:06:42 PM - Jan 2, 2011

5:35:56 PM - Feb 2, 2011

6:07:36 PM - March 2, 2011

7:42:50 PM - April 2, 2011


  1. Maybe Santa will bring you a wider angle camera for the summer solstice so you can document the sun's retreat without shifting the frame.

  2. Juicy this?

  3. Juicy this?
    Sam says, "There are twenty one states in our nation where it is legal for a teacher to beat a child with a wooden board--hard, raising bruises and blisters and possibly breaking the skin. And the rationale for this is explicitly religious..."
    His point is there are better ways to assess human well-being than religious dogma.
    In front of a TED audience, he added, "hundreds of thousands of children, incidentally, are subjected to this every year. The locations of these enlightened districts, I think, will fail to surprise you. We're not talking about Connecticut."
    Did he mean hundreds of thousands of children per year in the US? Current years?
    That would have to include, I imagine, tens of thousands of children in your part of Jesusland. Do you know whether that's true?

  4. Dear Deve -

    Sam seems both right and wrong. Although I found a chart based on 2008 data that indicates more than 220,000 public school students were hit that year, fewer than 700 were in Ohio (which has more than 600 school districts). Ohio banned corporal punishment entirely in July 2009.

  5. I've sure the Liberty Foundation is working hard to overturn the ill-conceived and un-Godly ban on the rod.