Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Things In My Yard

Back Yard Myrtle

Back Yard Grape Hyacinth

Side Yard Music CD

I can remember planting the myrtle and the grape hyacinth.

I can only guess where the CD may have come from. I've never had one pop up in my yard before.

Turns out it has 20 songs on it. A few don't sound too bad. Most would probably sound better to me if I were a horny young thug killing time until my next drug deal.

How many do you recognize?

1) I Don't Care (Apocalyptica)
2) Love Hurts (Incubus)
3) Breakdown (Seether)
4) Fuck It (Seether)
5) Calling (Taproot)
6) Figured You Out (Nickelback)
7) Fine Again (Seether)
8) Falling (Staind)
9) King Of All Excuses (Staind)
10) Control (Puddle Of Mudd)
11) Megalomaniac (Incubus)
12) She Fucking Hates Me (Puddle Of Mudd)
13) Everything (Buckcherry)
14) Crazy Bitch (Buckcherry)
15) I Love The Cocaine (Buckcherry)
16) Addicted (Saving Abel)
17) Goodbye, So Long (Saving Abel)
18) Psycho (Puddle Of Mudd)
19) Schizophrenic Conversations (Staind)
20) Fake It (Seether)

Which song do you think most likely was playing when the passenger in the car reached over, hit eject, and tossed this CD out the window?


  1. I don't recognize any of the titles. I might recognize some of the tunes. Or not.
    I think it's cool that your computer can usually tell you the titles of songs on a CD. And a little bit scary.
    I regret the short-sighted CD format that didn't include song titles (in multiple languages) as part of the data, but it's interesting and gratifying to see the way the Internet has rushed in and supplied free solutions.

  2. So beautiful. I can say that while I miss my "home" climate, it's really exciting to see things starting to sprout up in the spring. I adored my walk today when I saw maple seeds pushing up through the grass and some green leaves poking up through someone's garden. Yay!

  3. This gives me a jolt of "what, am I at work??" since I see so many CD's on the ground, because the cleaners often just toss them out of rental cars. As to the definitive tossee, "Figured You Out" is one bad track. That would cause me to not only eject and toss but stomp, too. But there are a few others that qualify as musicgynistic, too. Actually, though, I agree with you that some aren't bad. My favorite is "Love Hurts" (I listened to all the tracks on Playist or YouTube, because that's just how I am, and I don't have to work early tomorrow. And no, I didn't recognize any of the songs. Although I did recognize the band names Nickelback, Staind, and Incubus.) Some others sound OK, too. Sometimes, just parts of it, but I like the harmonies.

    Now, I wonder if the CD wasn't tossed away in revulsion, but rather as a CD frisbee toss? I mean, spring HAS sprung, eh wot? ;-)

    Mostly, I like your lovely blue flowers! (I have grape hyacinths, too!)

  4. The grape hyacinth looks amazingly like the TX bluebonnet. Well, through my damaged eyes, anyway. Lovely flowers, all.

    As to the CDs, I don't recognize any of the titles but do recognize the artists, Incubus. Actually, I think I have some music by them on a CD put together by my son which includes all kinds of rock, R&B and alternative pieces. I love that CD.

    I just answered the question, will I be attending the 50th reunion of the class of 61 of my high school, with a "no" on the committee created web site. The more things change, the more they stay the same. My best friend from high school wouldn't even respond to the emails inviting her or answer the phone calls from the committee. Good for her.

    50th reunion!!! Cripes, I am OLD.