Friday, April 8, 2011

Things In My Yard

Front Yard Hyacinth

Back Yard Forsythia

Side Yard Litter

The first two things I've seen many times before but that third thing is unique and leaves me more than a bit perplexed.

Apparently someone stopped at a drug store at 3 AM Wednesday morning and paid over $850 in cash for two money orders.

About 36 hours later the receipt for this transaction had somehow found its way into the leaves I was raking away from the north side of my house.

The drug store is more than 10 miles away.

Why couldn't the wind have blown some of that cash my way instead?

*Going out to check my yard one more time just in case I missed something....*


  1. I am glad spring will be here shortly.

  2. Well, here goes...: I have this picture of a man who stumbles out of a bar, who somehow manages to remember his child support payments are (over?)due, and he doesn't maintain a checking account so as to avoid tracing his income... but if he doesn't pay, he'll be carted off to jail. So, he's drunk, he gets his child support payments sent off, but then, with the pressure off, he gets careless, and the receipt falls out of his loosely cached pocket. And the spring has been windy, yes? The reason I suspect it might be child support is because both money order amounts are too rounded a figure to be like a mortgage payment and are too high, combined, to be car payments. And also, money orders indicate large, untraceable amounts that need to be sent away somewhere. Again, indicating possibly an ex....

    Also, I don't think the receipt needed to travel too far. Maybe it's from a neighbor?

    Anyway, I LOVE those beautiful pink hyacinths! I bought 2 new ones to replace the pale and pathetic one next to our driveway (in the shade that's grown since it was planted).