Friday, July 15, 2011

Compare & Contrast

Thursday - 4:53 PM

Sunday - 8:28 AM

Just for the record: These are just about the first videos I've ever shot.

They're also the first that I've ever posted to YouTube.

And the first that I've ever embedded in a diary/journal/blog entry.

Whew! Time for a nap....


  1. Congratulations and good surf to you! I enjoyed both of these, the lacy undulating froth of the first (the sound of the wind almost reminds me of a train) and the gentle lapping lullaby of the second. These show a remarkably steady hand for a novice, so extra kudos! :-)

  2. I like the soundtracks.
    I wish I'd had found it last night and put it on a loop to lull me to sleep.

    Speaking of Bachmann Turnip Overdrive, as I wasn't, juice this?
    I didn't know Martin Luther thought the Pope was the anti-christ. How many lutherans still believe that? Apparently Michelle Bachmann's former church did, which she renunciated just before annouciating her 2012 campaign.
    I did know Luther was stridently anti-Jewish and Hitler used Luther's words to justify his war against Jews. I guess Hitler was a Cafeteria Lutheran, tho, choosing not to embrace his anti-catholic writings. Just the anti-jewish writings that validated his immorality.
    Not that I am comparing Bachmann to Hitler. No. I stop at comparing Bachmann to Palin, who had the guts to stand by HER crazy pastor who's readying Alaska as a sanctuary for the good people God overlooks in the Rapture. It doesn't really make sense, but it's religion so it doesn't have to.