Saturday, July 16, 2011

Last Day Observations

And of course by "Last Day Observations" I mean the last day of my June vacation - not the last day of the world.

I apologize for any confusion my poor choice of words may have caused.

The Keeper of the Stairs

"I know I parked the car around here somewhere...."

I admit it... I'm a boat voyeur. There are worse things to be.

Aren't there?

See anybody you know?

This is the one *I* want. Alas, they refused to stop and toss me the keys no matter how much I begged.

I mistook this for a Canadian invasion fleet. Boy, was my face red when the cops showed up and told me otherwise.

Incoming heron!

Houston, the heron has landed. Houston? Oh, yeah... budget cuts. Sorry. I'll alert you by telegraph next time.

Gull chasing eagle - the first eagle I've ever seen in the wild. Woo-hoo!

A closer view (just in case it isn't obvious).

Bye bye, baby!

See you next year...?


  1. I've seen eagles, but not photographed one. That eagle probably lives in Michigan.

    Happy Birthday to the Devil's Dictionary.
    Shouldn't it be around the end of June, so as to be antipodal to Christmas?
    Oh, I forgot--the pOpe is the antichrist, not Ambrose Bierce.

  2. Ooh, Ohio eagle. Neat!

  3. Bravo!!! I LOVE the white heron (egret) pictures! And congrats on capturing your first eagle! :-) And I'm a boat voyeur, too. Out here, we make a celebration of such naval-gazing by gathering to watch the boats as boating season opens, and they float around the lakes, and pass through the "cut" and lock to go out to see. Er, sea. Gadzooks, it's a wonder anyone can make any sense at all of my typoing...