Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vacation Reflections

Hi again.

I hope your June turned out to be everything you hoped it would be back when you were a little kid fantasizing about how wonderful things would be when you were all grown up and living the good life in 2011.

I personally spent a good chunk of my June getting ready to go on vacation, going on vacation, and then recovering from my vacation.

It's not often that I've had the opportunity to use the word "vacation" to describe my activities. The other opportunities came in 1970 and 1992. If present trends continue, looks like I'll get the opportunity to use it again in about 2027.

Which is more or less fine with me.

You know the old joke about how you should never take a vacation from work because it'll reveal to the boss and everyone else just how well they can get along without you? Well, going away has revealed just how well my yard and house and books and computer can get along without me. I can almost hear my Corel WordPerfect 10 saying, "What? You were gone?!" Which would be jarring in any case but seems especially jarring given that I'm probably one of the few people in the world still using it.

At least I didn't hire a temp to fill in for me, only to come home and find that he or she was doing a much better job living my life than I was.

Can you collect unemployment payments if you get fired from your own life?

Whose name would the checks be made out to?

See, it's worries like these that keep me from ever really enjoying my time away from home.

On the bright side, vacations *do* add a bit of variety to my usual worries. It's sooooo easy to fall into a rut when you're a paranoid pessimist. If nothing else, vacations give me a whole new list of things to fret about and I bet that's what separates the tiresome old curmudgeons from the amusingly eccentric elderly cranks.

And now that we have all that out of the way, maybe I can move on to posting an entry or two about what I actually did and saw while I was away.

I guess it'll depend on whether or not I can get over the nagging suspicion that someone has secretly replaced my desk chair with an exact duplicate while I was gone just to mess with my mind....


  1. Oh look there's a +1 symbol.
    I know somebody still using WordPerfect 4.1 or 4.2. I forget. It's a self-contained DOS program that you can move from one computer to another by copying one folder and its contents.

    The captcha is "infer". Shouldn't that be illegal? And isn't that just what Faux Deve would say?

  2. Maybe you should try mini-vacations, in-between your massive week(s)-long vacations. They refresh without the dreadful hangover of too many days away. Then again, what IS a vacation, but vacating the premises, I guess? If that were the case, I have one every weekday. But I'd prefer more homecations than vacations.

    Anyway, I'm VERY glad you're back. And does this mean we can now call you AEEC? ;-)