Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Big Change

On Friday it was sunny and 97 degrees here.

Today it's cloudy, damp, and 65.

The year seems to have been blown from summer to fall during the series of storms that rolled across Ohio after I went to bed Saturday night.

My sinuses were *not* happy about this sudden change. I spent much of Sunday trying without much success to break free of the invisible bands of pressure that ran across my cheeks, nose, and forehead.

I'm almost back to normal today.

Other things, of course, won't be back to what they were like last week for months.

Here's one example:

Cedar Point (Friday)

Cedar Point (Today)

This is the first Tuesday the midway has been this desolate since May 10.

It'll be like this (or worse) every Tuesday for the next 8 months.

If you happen to live in Ohio (or any place like it), I hope you seized the opportunity to enjoy the good weather while you had the chance.


  1. I had to work late Friday. I was supposed to leave at 8pm. I left a little work undone at 9pm so I could jump in the lake before the sun set.
    The water was warm and the sky was pretty.
    Then by Saturday everything had changed.
    So, yeah, I diddit while I could. But then I had to go into work on Saturday AM before anybody got there to finish up.

  2. I dunno. I tend to appreciate the coolth a bit more, the more I'm around it. Except that I also appreciate sunshine, merely not so much the incredible heat that accompanies it everywhere. I want PERFECT WEATHER! (While I'm at it, I want an extra 8 hours in every day, too.) Luckily, we're supposed to be getting some lovely, almost perfect weather nearly all this next week, so I'll be ecstatic! :-)