Friday, September 9, 2011

My Favorite Needle

So, do you have a picture of YOUR favorite needle? If so, please share. (And if it happens to be something that a house mother can use to defend herself against today's breed of fella, please share it faster!)


  1. Brandt Hall is co-ed now, according to this page:

    That might not surprise Mrs. Howlett, however, as much as the fact that it now costs over $10,000 a year to live and eat there in 2011-2012.

    And even that might not surprise people back in 1962 as much as the fact that our presidential candidates in 2011-12 could have heated arguments about the detrimental effects of multi-lingual postcards in "sanctuary cities" for illegal aliens like Seattle.

    Or the idea that the US was about to put people on the moon before the end of the 60s decade but doesn't have the wherewithal to send any of its astronauts to the space station today a couple of hundred miles up.

    And I won't even mention all the people I'm sure are concerned today about an airplane flying into the Space Needle tomorrow.

    I'll stop now but only because this is snowballing and I fear an avalanche.

  2. Would you believe I took a picture of that very same needle on the very same day this pic was posted? It's TWUE!!! And I did NOT see this posting first! (I'll post it, soon.) Those white arches are still there, too. But the Fun Forest soon will be gone. too reminiscent of an era of bygone fun... in favor of slick new attractions.