Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Oddest Thing I've Learned This Month

Merv Griffin Died A Closeted Homosexual (Ray Richmond/Reuters-Hollywood Reporter; Aug 17, 2007)....

Griffin, who died of prostate cancer Sunday at 82, stayed in the closet throughout his life. Perhaps he figured it was preferable to remain the object of gossip rather than live openly as "one of them."...

I had more than a passing acquaintance with him, having worked on "The Merv Griffin Show" as a talent coordinator/segment producer in 1985-86 as the show was winding down. Around the office, Merv's being gay was understood but rarely discussed (and certainly never with him). We knew nothing of his relationships because he guarded his privacy fiercely, and we didn't pry.

Merv's secret gay life was widely known throughout showbiz culture, if not the wider America. It gained traction in 1991 when he was targeted in a pair of lawsuits: by "Dance Fever" host Denny Terrio, alleging sexual harassment; and by assistant Brent Plott seeking $200 million in palimony. Both ultimately were dismissed....


  1. At least he didn't go around tormenting fellow gays like Rush Limpo does.
    "Rush, there's a REASON you need Viagra to get it up with female prostitutes."

  2. I don't see any references to a wife in the three page obituary at about Dick Clark, "America's oldest teenager".

    The captcha is ngshum tunel. That is SO close to the name of the last guy we interviewed for the last position we filled.

  3. Juicy this?
    WASHINGTON – The Vatican has launched a crackdown on the umbrella group that represents most of America's 55,000 Catholic nuns, saying that the group was not speaking out strongly enough against gay marriage, abortion and women's ordination.
    I'm guessing the pOpe wants to tell these gals how to vote, too.
    Captcha: rgendser ghtherna
    I think that's Latin for, "I was regendered by hernia surgery."
    My friend Amy used to have a gay housemate with an umbilical hernia he could stick long, thin objects into. He liked to poke his middle finger in there as a demonstration for company. I have my suspicions about what he did in the privacy of his own bedroom.