Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Another Day In Crazytown....

----- Evangelist Torches Crow (Ghana News Agency; Nov 23)

TAKORADI, Ghana: Drama unfolded at the Takoradi Market Circle on Tuesday morning when a strange crow was set ablaze by some traders and an evangelist who suspected the bird was possessed by witchcraft.

Evangelist Nyame-Akwan of the Christ Healing Power Church and the traders poured 'anointing oil' (olive oil) on the crow amidst intensive prayers and speaking in tongues, around 1100 hours on Tuesday.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview at the Takoradi Market Circle, Evangelist Nyame-Akwan said he daily goes to the market to preach and pray with some of the traders.

In line with this routine, he said, God instructed him to ask the traders to fast for three weeks because of their complaints about poor sales in recent times.

He said while they were praying, a strange crow flew frenziedly from nowhere and entered the stall of Mrs. Sophia Aggrey, who was praying with them.

The evangelist said they initially became frightened but they gathered the courage and prayed fervently on the bird, which desperately sprawled and rotated on the floor.

After the prayers, he said, they picked up the bird and brought it into an open place and poured anointing oil on it and set it ablaze with the hope that the person whose spirit it possessed would also die.

The incident attracted a number of onlookers, some of whom shouted 'anyen' which means witch in Fante.


  1. That's funny. I just posted a superstitious crow story, too.
    Well, the crow wasn't superstitious. The people who tell the story are.
    In my story the crow talks to bears and turtles and makes rodents happy.
    I bet that would really get Nyame-Akwan of the Christ Healing Power Church started talking in tongues and looking for incendiary materials.

  2. "A first for the United States" or just a new low?