Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Little Home Improvement Project

So, my S.O. and I have been talking about replacing our tired old kitchen floor for a long, long time.

We recently finally got around to going to Lowe's and pricing some of our options and asking what it would cost to have them do the installation.


In the end, I decided it would be cheaper and faster just to re-do the floor myself using materials I've collected over the years.

Here's the final result:

Not too bad for a first timer, eh?


  1. Well done but do you have a before shot too? I'm very NON DIY!!

  2. Is it legal to use Photoshop to duplicate dollar bills?

  3. OK, if it's real dollar bills that's a testament to the effect of inflation.
    I remember a Steinbeck story where an indignant Christian type accused a wino of not knowing the value of a dollar. Steinbeck interjected that the wino did too know the value of a dollar--it would buy a gallon of wine.
    Now you need 20 dollars to buy a square foot of fake-wood flooring, according to the results when I googled Prego flooring.

  4. Yes indeed. I'm very DIY... well, not much anymore but I understand completely. Maybe arms and legs would do as well?

  5. Your floor is truly top dollar! In fact, it seems superior in comfort level, as well as glare quotient, to the usual gold paving one might expect to find in heaven, that ultimate in hedonistic homes. ;-)

    (Let's just hope inflation stays at bay, in order to avoid bumping your heads on the ceiling!)