Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four More Moments In Time

Maybe if I hadn't had such a sunset-deprived childhood, I'd be much less interested in sunsets now.

There *were* sunsets out there when I was growing up, of course. It's just that I didn't live in a home with west windows until I was 11, and then the western horizon was cluttered with trees and houses to a much greater extent than is the case now....

5:41:58 PM - Feb 10, 2011

5:43:50 PM - Feb 10, 2011

5:48:12 PM - Feb 10, 2011

5:55:40 PM - Feb 10, 2011

Just for the record, sunset officially occurred at 6:01 PM the day I took these photos. The first photo was taken about 20 minutes before that. That's about the smallest gap between my last sight of the sun and actual sunset that I'm likely to experience all year.

I'm not sure that I've ever actually seen the sun disappearing below the natural horizon. I suppose I may have during some long ago visit to the southern shores of Lake Erie, but... I think clouds or fog or haze have always ended up blocking at least the last few minutes.

What I need is a good artificial sunset. Years ago I read about how they were working on turning whole walls into a light source thanks to some sort of light-emitting paint. Maybe they can figure out a way to program the light on those walls to imitate a sunset.

As much as I love nature, I love the idea of tweaking it even more.

If I had my way, there'd be at least two sunsets a day - and no more need for the big cats to chase down gazelles. Those big cats would be more than happy to settle for tofu "gazelle" burgers instead.

Or maybe we could train them to chase down flu bugs instead....


  1. If you live long enough, you might see two sunsets a day for some time after Beetlejuice goes nova.
    That's what I read anyway.

  2. Well, I certainly understand the craving for sunsets! But the thing is, you DO have a sunrise, too. Of course, it's all in the positioning, obviously....

    I like these shots very much, with the fluffy marblized clouds!

    As to tweaking nature, yeah.... You know how hard it is to train small cats? Good luck training BIG cats to a veggie diet. Then again, I suppose stranger things may have happened... Of course, with the way climate change is going, maybe there won't be enough large wild mammals left to train....