Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Noble Substitute

Today's sunset couldn't make it because of ice.

Thank goodness Friday's sunset has agreed to an encore performance....

5:22:52 PM - Jan 28, 2011

5:29:14 PM - Jan 28, 2011

5:31:00 PM - Jan 28, 2011


  1. The ice is pretty. Annoying, but pretty.

  2. And how, does that first one ever deserve an encore! I love how the clouds have a gold lining ~ in fact, I like the pastel progression down through the third picture. :-)

  3. This pub's for you:
    excerpt: (page 18-19)
    According to my birth certificate, my full name is Stephan Gary
    Wozniak, born in 1950 to my dad, Francis Jacob Wozniak (everyone
    called him Jerry), and to my mom, Margaret Louise Wozniak. My
    mother said she meant to name me Stephen with an e, but the birth
    certificate was wrong. So Stephen with an e is what I go by now.
    My dad was from Michigan; Mom was from Washington State.
    My dad and his brother, who later became a Catholic priest, were
    raised in a strict and pious Catholic household. But by the time my parents had me—I’m the oldest of three—my dad had
    rebelled against that: the Catholicism, I mean. So I never got any
    exposure to religion. Church, mass, communion. What is that?
    Seriously, I couldn’t tell you.
    But from the earliest age, I had a lot of conversations with my
    parents about social policies and how things work. As for religion, if I asked, my dad would say, no, no, he was scientific. Science was the religion. We had discussions about science and
    truth and honesty, the first discussions of many that formed my
    values. And what he told me was, he just wanted things to be
    testable. He thought that to see if something is true, the most
    important thing is to run experiments, to see what the truth is,
    and then you call it real. You don’t just read something in a book
    or hear someone saying something and just believe it, not ever.

  4. Another iWoz quote:
    "Logic became the heart of my existence in 5th grade."