Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Shocking Discovery

It was way too cloudy here on Feb 5, 6, and 7 to see the sunset.

When the clouds parted again on Feb 8, I was shocked to discover that the sun had shifted far enough north to disappear down my neighbor's chimney.

5:42:26 PM - Feb 8, 2011

5:53:08 PM - Feb 8, 2011

6:04:30 PM - Feb 8, 2011

If this keeps up, I estimate that the sun will have drifted out of the right frame of these photos by the end of the month.

Maybe I should try to put a tag on it before it wanders away entirely....


  1. Maybe you can get your neighbors together to bang drums or burn sheep guts in an attempt to persuade the sun not to desert you.
    If it works, maybe they'll appoint you Head Shaman or Sun of a Gun or something.
    Maybe you'll find out the main benefit of running a religion--it beats working.
    I'll stop now.

  2. Sunrise, sunset.
    Or maybe your neighbors will tell legends of the lunatic camerman on the rooftop.
    Diddle diddle diddle deedle diddle deedle diddle dum.

  3. Dose this mean the sun is fleeing to the northwest, then? Like the Pacific Northwest, even????

    *Peering outside in hopes of figuring this out, even as it's jet black night outside*

    *Chuckling at Deve's Fiddler on the Foof reference*