Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Unexpected Groundhog Day Visitor

5:36:06 PM - Feb 2, 2011

5:37:06 - Feb 2, 2011

I was so busy looking down for groundhogs that I almost missed the sun popping in overhead at the very end of an extremely cloudy day.

Who knows how many times the same trickster sun may have made a surprise appearance in the middle of the night while I was busy pursuing groundhogs in my dreams?


  1. Wow!!!! That top one looks like liquid gold melting the sky!

    Isn't it funny how cloudy days often bring the most glorious sunsets? MANY thanks for sharing these! :-)

  2. The early bird gets the worm, but the late-rising groundhog gets the spotlight.

    Hahahaha. I have to interject that the captcha was "hoozooti".
    Best captcha ever.

  3. Stop action urban sunset. Sorta like Gumby & Pokey:

    And the captcha was cantardo.