Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bug Relocation Project

I'm having my barn repainted this week.

So I spent some time last night cutting down the things I had growing up around it.

In the process of cutting down the out-of-control lemon thyme I planted a few years ago, I found this guy:

I carefully cut the lemon thyme he was perched on and relocated him to the decorative ribbon grass we have closer to the house.

Here's a post-transfer shot:

He was a remarkably calm and patient bug during the 40 foot move - much calmer and more patient than I ever am when I'M being moved.

He was still there this morning - well, in the same general area, anyway.

He had abandoned the dying stalks of lemon thyme and had found himself what looked to be a nice upside-down position in the ribbon grass.

I couldn't find him tonight, though, so who knows.

Maybe he got homesick.

Maybe he decided to relocate to a yard owned by someone who leaves the bugs the hell alone.

Maybe he had his head bitten off while mating with the female of his species.

You just never know what those bugs might be up to at any given time.

If I were you, I'd stop reading this right NOW and go check up on 'em.


  1. Is America the only country without a secular mantis population?

  2. Juicy this?

  3. Oooo, that ribbon grass is so pretty! Much more the mantis' color. Speaking of which, what color did you repaint your barn? In just another of those high population numbers make coincidences, my son also got a "barn" shed, and HE painted it this past week, too! (I know, what ARE the odds, eh?)