Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Unsent Mail

Here's a little something that I picked up at an antique store yesterday:

FYI: Postage for US postcards was 4 cents between January 7, 1963 and January 7, 1968.

I don't know why Bill never ended up actually mailing this after putting a stamp on it but maybe he realized too late that he didn't know Stuart's address.

I hope it wasn't because he had second thoughts about boasting about what he had learned. If I ever learn as much, you can bet that I'll have no qualms whatsoever about boasting about it here, on postcards, and every other way I can think of.

You don't suppose Bill went out and drowned while trying to learn how to bike in the water and his parents later found this tucked away in his suitcase, do you?

Whatever the case may be, at least Stuart now knows Bill was thinking of him at least once in his life.

Well, provided Stuart reads this blog.

If he doesn't, well... I for one will sleep good tonight knowing I've done all I could to enlighten him.


  1. Dear Stu,
    I learned to make a cursive capital H last week, but not not to splice sentences with a comma, isn't it a shame what they've done to the price of a penny postcard?
    P.S. The post office wants me to type this on my keyboard, "diashe", before they'll cancel the stamp, what's a keyboard?

  2. Today I learned that I am following the dialogue of a couple of goofballs! (But nice postcard! ;-P)