Sunday, August 21, 2011

Party Like It's 1939

Here's a quick reminder of how to do that:

Thanks for writing, Chet! I'm glad you had a good time.


  1. There's a 26 Witter Ave in Pasadena, too.
    The road in Wellsville doesn't seem to have a Street View in Google so I couldn't check out the current digs at Chet's folks' address.
    Captcha is boarc. Used in a sentence: I am glad Judge Boarc wasn't appointed to the US Supreme Court. Justice Kennedy is not as shamelessly whacko.

  2. They had the Perispher and the Trylon in 1939, but you couldn't get one of these:
    Sometimes I wonder what electronic toys I'd be playing with if I was a 12-year-old today.
    Other times I wonder why it matters that I'm not 12-years-old.
    Do they have solar powered erector sets? Or do kids just build Lego robots. Lego robots don't make me very curious. A solar/roomlight powered-laptop appeals, tho. A laptop with a Xerox Gyricon display and solid-state disk drive might be able to run off a solar array the size of the display.
    I'll stop now.
    The captcha is whamism. Oh, Whammo. Can you imagine a frisbee with LEDs that light in a spiral pattern and get their energy from piezo electric pressure from the centripetal acceleration against the piezo sensors.
    Or what could you do with cheap acceleration sensors? At first it was a single-market product for car companies to trigger airbags but now Apple and their ilk buy hundreds of millions of them for iPads and iPods and iPoods and even cell phones so they probably cost pennies even though Howard Hughes couldn't have bought one for all his billions back in the sixties when a billion dollars was still a lot of money. I think one of Richard Nixon's balanced budgets weighed in at under 300 billion to run the entire federal government. And that was during an expensive foreign war.
    I'll stop now. Oh, I already said that. I'll really stop now.

  3. It took me a while to realize that this was NOT a giant white musical note! (I wonder why anyone named Chet would put quotation marks around it??)