Saturday, August 6, 2011

Five More Reasons To Love American Women

Just in case you need five more reasons....

----- Church attendance among women sank by 11 percentage points since 1991, declining to 44%. A majority of women no longer attend church services during a typical week.

----- Bible reading has plummeted by 10 percentage points, declining from half of all women reading the Bible during a typical week (excluding that done during church events) to just four out of ten doing so today (40%).

----- Sunday school involvement is less common among women these days, down seven points from the 24% mark noted in 1991.

----- Women have traditionally been the backbone of volunteer activity in churches. However, there has been a nine point slide in the percentage of women helping out at a church during any given week. That drop reflects a 31% reduction in the non-paid female work force at churches.

----- The only religious behavior that increased among women in the last 20 years was becoming unchurched. That rose a startling 17 percentage points – among the largest drops in church attachment identified in the research.

Those are some of the key findings of the Barna Group's latest examination of religious trends among Americans.

You can find more details at Barna's website but why would you want to spend another moment online when you could be out there in the real world rewarding these rapidly evolving women with your hugs and kisses?

Or at least a handshake and a pat on the back.

Or chocolate. I hear chocolate is good, too.

Go on - you know you want to!

(If you need a written permission slip in order to be excused from work or school, just let me know. I'll even be happy to write you TWO if you happen to be a woman yourself.)


  1. Maybe it's because of that line in the Bible that says, "Though shall not suffer a woman to instruct men about God."
    Do I have the quote right?
    The captcha is coughly. Ahem.

  2. *Raising my glass in a bubbly (but most serious!) toast to American Women*

    While I applaud these new directions, I can't help but wonder if a corollary to the survey results might be increased time spent earning money? Attending soccer games? Surfing the Web? Hmmmmm.... well, whatever works in favor of less irrationality, works for me!

    *Dreaming of dark chocolate with bits of orange and almond slivers*