Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Very Good Year For The Elephant Ears

Well, for *my* elephant ears, anyway.

And that's quite a surprise considering that I've never had any before - and I started off by mistreating them.

That is to say, I planted the small coconut-size bulbs in the shade instead of the full sun demanded by the tag.

Here's how things looked as of August 13:

Not bad for something planted as recently as May 9, eh?

How much bigger might they have grown had they gotten ALL the sunshine they allegedly crave??


  1. Shouldn't modern thinking people like you and your SO have a meter stick, or even better a metre, stick instead of a yardstick?

    Captcha is relordr, as in, time to relordr the measuring sticks.

  2. All the better to shade the dear little fairies at the bottom of the garden! ~§~