Thursday, August 25, 2011

Good Time Edna's Home

I might be wrong (and I rather hope I am) but I think that reads as follows:

Jan 1945
Dear Florence and Lewis.
I received your letter was
glad hear from you. I want
know how was Lewis getting
along? I was stay 2 week my
friend Mrs Timple live in
Sandusky. before my birthday
on Jan 10 hit I have good time
let you know that I was
sick my birthday but I
little better now. I think
you have good time Edna's
home - on Christmas & New Year
I send best regard to Lewe and
kiss to all. from Goya Laws

All of which raises a number of questions in my mind.

If I could have just one of those questions answered I think it would be this one: Did Goya forget what year it was or did she really wait two years to take this to a mailbox?

Do you know? Please share!

Have a question of your own? Please feel free to post it. Maybe Goya will see it and give us an answer.


  1. My initial thought was that "Goya Laws" was an ethnic kind of in-law joke.
    Google is being too politically correct to tell me exactly what Goya means and I am not up on my ethnic slurs so I can't give an example of what I thought it might mean.

  2. You knew this was going to happen, right?

  3. Good questions, but more than that, what I want to know is, how do these used postcards come to be sold, anyway? What I mean, is, who sells their used postcards?? (Or those of dearly departed relatives....